Spring Ready In Uniqlo’s New Collection

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Camisole and Gaucho Pants:  Uniqlo 

Jogger Pants:  Uniqlo

Whenever I talk about Uniqlo everyone almost always thinks basics, I’m talking white t-shirts and black leggings basic. I’ve even been guilty of that assumption myself. But, after Uniqlo opened on Newbury Street, I quickly discovered that Uniqlo’s got more options that whatever you’re probably thinking.

Uniqlo’s new collection for spring, goes with so much that you already own. Since, in New England, it’s not quite spring yet, they’re great for layering.

Over, under, with, without…

If you can envision it, you can try it!

The two looks above are both neutral, classy outfits that can take you into spring without sacrificing (too much) warmth. I know I’m always cold, so heavier jackets are key. But, when the weather warms up, I’ll switch to something lighter like a trench jacket. I spotted some nice options while shopping around at Uniqlo, so that may have to happen. And hopefully sooner rather than later.

Add a cute purse (I prefer totes, but smaller one are what’s hot right now), a pair of heels (weather permitting), and you’re good to look good! Shop their new spring apparel here.


Photos by: Rachel Leiner Photography

How to Get the Perfect Pout for Spring

Lip ScrubFlash Lip CreamPerfect Pout for Spring BFR Lip Products

It is finally looking like New England is done with snow.

Which means it’s time to revive my lips for spring.


When it comes to getting the perfect pout for spring, there are really only three lip products that I need. Lip scrub, lip liner, and lip cream.

Starting with Beauty for Real’s Lip Revival Lip Scrub, gently rub to remove any dead excess skin and reveal smooth kissable lips. Rinse and pat dry.

Now you’re ready to get really ready!

Line your lips with the D-Fine Lip Pencil, it’s great for all lip colors. Which brings us to lip cream.

I have been looking for a pretty pink that feels springy without making me look ridiculous. The Beauty for Real Lip Cream in Flash is the only non-sheer pink I haven’t felt like I had to combine with another color in order to wear it out of the house.

Plus, it really leaves my lips nice and soft.

The perfect pout!


Fitting Room Sesh: Old Navy

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to shop less. I knew that if I quit shopping cold turkey, that I end up blowing money on a massive shopping spree and that would kind of defeat the purpose. My goal was to cut out particular spending each month. So January, no clothes shopping, which continued into February. March is going to be no makeup shopping, and I’ll figure out the rest as I go. I also just generally tried to shop less than I normally would.

Aside from a few Poshmark hiccups in January, I have been doing really well with this. So to reward myself, I set today aside to go clothes shopping. I went to Old Navy and was pleasantly surprised by their spring collection this year. Normally I would go into every store, but part of my method of shopping less is pick a destination in advance to avoid mass impulse buying. Another part of my method is to try on everything first, this way I know if I like how it looks on and know for sure that it fits.



Even though I wanted it all, I ended up getting the black dress, the blush sweater, the blush top, a sweatshirt for a diy project that I saw on A Beautiful Mess, and a harness for one of my dogs (it was on clearance and so was the blush sweater).


See anything you like? What do you think I should have gotten?