About Me

About me? Well for starters, my name is Bethany. Bet for short. Not Beth.

Even though I just turn the big #dirty30, I still get carded (it’s a blessing and a curse).

I’m not married, but I do have a manfriend. And the only babies that I have are fur.

I can be kind of shy, but, once you get me going, I talk A LOT. I love to laugh (so I’m a sucker for a good rom com). I enjoy drinking wine (or margaritas, or beer)…AND SHOPPING.

I think I’m a riot.

People tell me that they like my style or something I’m wearing and I like to take pictures, so when the manfriend suggested that I get a hobby, I started blogging. Because why not share me (and my outfits) via blog?!

Really, I just want to have fun and enjoy life. I don’t do much, but I’m willing to try.

Feel free to stalk me on Instagram, or ask me stuff!