Styled by 5 featuring Daniel Wellington

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Daniel Wellington.

Each month myself and four other boss blogger babes have been styling the same piece of clothing and since we all look and think differently from each other (hair, religion, location, skin, size, height, style…all of the above), you’ll get five totally different looks. That means you’ll get to see what I style, on other body types so you can find something that is best for you!

The Styled by 5 crew is teaming up with Daniel Wellington to show you how we style our watches. Use the code TWENTYSOMETHINGPLUS to save 15% on your order from and get a Daniel Wellington watch of your very own!

I loved watches when I was younger. Maybe it was a kid thing, maybe it was just me. Either way, I can remember getting my first ever watch, it was a Mickey Mouse one, where his arms were the hands of the clock and had a bright red band. I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom still has it tucked away in a drawer somewhere. Years later, the manfriend and I argued over getting his cousin a watch for Christmas. I won. Both the disagreement and Christmas that year.

Now that I’m older, I’ve found that I haven’t worn watch nearly as often as I used to. That is, at least not until getting this classic one from Daniel Wellington. When I say it goes with everything, I mean that it goes with literally EVERYTHING. You can wearing it with jeans, a dress, for date night, you name it!

For four more ideas on what to wear with your watch, check out Deidre, Kaylynn, Jacque, and Lauryn‘s blogs as well!


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Photos by: Madaline Rose Heising Photography