Taming the Beast

And by the beast, I mean my hair.

I am way overdue for a relaxer, and have been debating what I want to do next. Going natural again has it’s appeal, but taming the beast is a lot of work.

Work that requires the right tools.

FH-1 Professional Styler

Not that I would be solely basing my decision on my experience with the  FH-1 Professional Styler I received to review, but it certainly will have some sway.

I have a number of flat irons, but what I really like about the 6th Sense Styling Technology’s FH-1 Professional Styler is that it heats up quicker than I’ve ever seen. Not even 30 seconds and it was ready to use.

6th Sense

This was also the first time that I was able to straighten my hair without having a single hair snagged on the iron!

An added little bonus feature is that it can be locked shut, which not ever flat iron can do.

Slide to Lock

While the before and after is pretty drastic, my roots were just a tad too thick to get the exact results I would have liked.

I want to try it again on a higher temperature setting.

Half Straightened Hair

Regardless, if I do decide to go natural, this will definitely be in my tool kit!