Using Photos and Screenshots Effectively as You Blog

When your boss is doing something as awesome as mine is, it only makes sense to want to be a part of it. So, when Ponn Sabra shared that Blogger Babes was holding a blog tour and I’d have the chance for her to guest post on Twenty Something Plus, I wanted in…

This post is a part of a month-long Blogger Babes blog tour which began here. To read this post in-context, we recommend starting at the beginning–then hop along with us for the full journey.

While the of blogging topic is rarely touched upon on this blog, I’d like to share a little story with you, how I think it’s relevant today:

I met Bethany at one of the Blogger Babes CT meetups 2 months ago. I immediately noticed an ambitious beauty and lifestyle blogger with a ton of potential. It was because of this potential and her follow-up (great networking skills are critical in the field of blogging), that I asked her if she wanted to work on a little Blogger Babes (BB) project.

That little project eventually turned into a position working for both brands: Blogger Babes and The Ambitionista (my co-founder, Heidi’s fashion blog). My point here is: if you have a dream of catapulting your hobby blogging to the next level, then follow Bethany’s lead

(1) show up and network with like-minded bloggers,

(2) practice good follow-up skills,

(3) offer to intern, and show your skills and personality off: be trainable, personable, determined and professional, and

(4) grow and get paid while you’re learning.

I know the lessons Bethany is gaining is unlike her startup blogging peers, because we’re teaching her how to achieve multiple streams of revenue while actively building publicity and awareness to the core brand: our blogs.

No matter what Heidi and I do, our blogs are our brands, and we must constantly write posts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Beauty Blogs are Photo Rich – Don’t Let it Bog Down Your Blogging Process

Look for photos last (or first!)

Looking for photos can become very time consuming as you search for the perfect photo to go with your blog post. Set aside the time to look for images after you’ve written your first draft.

This strategy can be reversed – find inspiring photos from some of the free stock image sites and let them inspire your blog posts!

Use a screenshots effectively.  

If your post sharing that helpful information comes up short and is only 250 words long, bulk up its interest value by adding a teaser screenshot or infographic, highlighting some aspect of the resource that makes your reader want to read more.

Want to take your blog to the next level?

The above tips are an excerpt from our debut “21 Fast and Simple Tips to Write Blog Posts Faster” Guide, one of seven documents in our comprehensive Blogger Monthly Tutorials launching on May 1st. Each tutorial eKit comes with a tutorial, 21 tips sheet, worksheets, calendar, all our recommended tools, and much more!

For the price of your last unfinished premium coffee or tea, you can should invest in yourself and your blog. You know work-related educational materials are a tax write-off, right!? Yeah…taxes are still  on my mind… :-/


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Ponn Sabra is a best-selling author and homeschool mom of three tween and teen daughters, also bestselling authors and probloggers. The Managing Partner of Blogger Babes, Ponn is a lover of good photography–but not the one you’ll find in front of the camera nor behind it. So, rather than spend time on gazing at gorgeous blog photos, she delegates this task for quicker results. What can you delegate that’s time-consuming because you either love or despise the act?

  • Lizlizo

    These are some great tips, thanks for sharing!

    – Liz

    • So happy you found benefit from them Liz. 🙂

  • Thanks so much for being a host Bethany! We’re so fortunate to have you on our team!

  • This is definitely a topic I would like to hear more about. I generally pic/take my photos last but I’m intrigued about having them inspire my posts. Having a degree in film I’m used to thinking about photos in a different way.

    • Wow Caroline! Your degree is in photography? That’s awesome. I’d think your artistic eye could easily see photos as your inspiration to write, rather than using images to “tell” the story. At the beginning of the tour you said ‘storytelling’ was not a problem for you. So, now I challenge you to just take some photos randomly and artistically, then see what story jumps out at you for your next post. I’m eager to see what you come up with! Tag me anytime to see.