Summer Dress Dilemma Solved

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This post is sponsored by Topshop and Stylinity, but the content, opinions, and style tips are all my own. 

Topshop Wrap Dress

Topshop Wrap Dress Close Up

Topshop Wrap Dress Details

Topshop Gingham Dress Details Topshop Gingham DressTopshop Gingham Dress Back

As much as I love summer, figuring out what to wear when you want to look cute, but it’s a thousand degrees is the opposite of fun. I’ve partnered with Topshop to share the perfect solution to finding just the right dress for each of your summer needs!

Given the fact that summer often means too hot to handle temperatures, having some above the knee option is a must for me. It also has to be something that can effortlessly go from day to night.

When I want to go for something a little dressier, a wrap dress is for sure the way to go. Wear it with heels, sandals, or sneakers, since it requires very little to no styling, you can grab a bag and you’re good to go. Brunch? Wrap dress. Drive-in movie? Wrap dress. County fair? Dinner with his parents? Day exploring the city? Wrap dress, wrap dress, wrap dress!

To keep things a little more casual, go with something versatile that will look cute no matter how you decide to style it. A sleeveless option allows you to wear it with a jean jacket or light cardi for more options, even though it’s plenty cute solo. And, when fall starts to creep up on us, you can always layer it. The possibilities are practically endless! I promise you will absolutely, at some point next season, see me in this gingham dress both under a chunky knit sweater and over a turtleneck.


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PETITE Spot Wrap Mini Dress - Dresses - Clothing
PETITE Gingham Mini Pini Dress - Dresses - Clothing

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My Favorite T.J.Maxx Summer Finds

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This post is sponsored by T.J.Maxx, but the content, opinions, and style shared are all my own. 

I’ve partnered with T.J.Maxx to share my favorite finds of the summer. With 100s of new arrivals each week, it’s impossible not to fill your online shopping bag with your favorite designer brands. With free shipping on orders $89 or more, fighting the urge to buy everything that I find is a legitimate struggle for me. And with T.J.Maxx’s everyday low prices, I am completely and totally fine with that.

You know what I can seriously get enough of, ever? Denim. Specifically jeans. Two of the looks I am sharing are featuring designer blue jean denim, that I scored from The Runway section on The Runway section on The Runway features premium designer fashion at incredible savings.

Initially I was concerned about the fit, and nervous about finding jeans that worked for me, but being able to filter down the size options eliminated me falling in love with any jeans that weren’t available in my size. No fomo, is a very good thing. If they happen to not fit the way I like, having the option to return them in store is super helpful!

And while jeans are still my number one go-to, finding my favorite brand dresses at great value, is too good an opportunity pass. This summer I’ve definitely found myself wearing dresses a little more than anything else. I didn’t expect to find this dress, but being able to search clothes by style (in this case contemporary) allowed me to view things I might not have searched for specifically, but are exactly what I didn’t know I wanted.

This linen dress is one that can be worn to picnics in the park, long walks on the beach, or days that are just plain hot. 

I wore it most recently for a date night to a local pizzeria, where we ordered buffalo chicken everything and got caught in the rain on our way home. I plan to wear in again very soon during our family vacation to Maine. 

These three different looks all help fulfill my desire for glamour and luxury, at prices the make me look like the star that I think that I am. And the second look, the bodysuit and shoe are also from!

Summer styleUP Challenge with thredUP

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I’ve partnered with thredUP for their Summer styleUP Challenge, where I take 1 item and style it 5 different ways.

Some time ago, I shared about using thredUP. I don’t know if I really explained exactly what thredUP is.

thredUP is a fashion resale website, where you can both buy and sell secondhand clothes online. I like it because I can send in a bag (provided by them) of gently worn or like new clothes and then use the credit I earn to shop their 15K new arrivals added every day. What I really love, is that the clothes don’t take up any much needed space, while I’m waiting for them to sell and whatever doesn’t sell, they will responsibly recycle your clothing!

My favorite thredUP finds are ones that are that are unique, but easy to style a number of different ways.

This Banana Republic dress is the perfect example. I’ve partnered with thredUP to style it five different ways for summer.

  1. Keep it fun! Adding jeans and comfortable sneakers, takes a dress and makes it a summer outfit that’s perfect for both cooler days or summer nights.
  2. Spice up a dress with accessories. Wear it with a leather jacket and/or over-the-knee boots for a sexy date night look.
  3. You can never go wrong with sneakers and a denim jacket, no matter what you’re wearing. A dress is no exception.
  4. Wear it the same way, but different. Switch things up by layering a skirt over it. This essentially creates a different dress. Have a lot of skirts? Well then, lucky you, you’ve got a lot of options!
  5. My favorite way to accessorize a dress (other than over jeans), is with a belt. Matching pieces gives you a monochromatic look to wear all summer long.

Which look are you most likely to rock this summer? Make sure to check out all the pieces currently up for grabs on thredUP!

Seaport Elise Loafer

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I’ve partnered with Sperry to show you how I style their shoes, and do prep, my way.

Working with Sperry has been such an amazing experience. I have long since been a fan of their sneakers (I own four pairs!) and boat shoes. My latest pair of Sperry shoes, and newest obsession is their Seaport Elise Loafer. They are perfect for work or for a day at the beach, and I’ve been wearing them for both.

Give me a shoe that I can dress up and down and I am one happy shoe lover!

Ever since starting back on a 40 hour corporate work week, finding shoes that fit my personal style while being both reasonably comfortable, yet still professional looking enough to wear to work has been a struggle. These loafers are were the answer to addressing all of those concerns.

I haven’t worn them with a dress yet, but I am confident they will look amazing with one. I promise to share photos on Instagram when I do, because I know that I for sure will at least once this summer.

What style of dress would you most like to see me wear Seaport Elise Loafer with?


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Summer in Sperry

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I’ve partnered with Sperry to show you how I style their shoes, and do prep, my way.

Crest Vibe Sneakers Summer Sneaker Look Casual Summer Outfit Summer SneakersEasy Summer Look

Summer is without a doubt my absolute favorite season. Give me longer days, warmer nights, and road trips to the beach. Living in New England, I tend to find myself wearing sneakers to the beach more often than not. Sperry is more than just your classic boat shoes, they also have sneakers. Be it for the beach or to brunch, they’ve got tons of options to style as you please.

Since I often wear jeans, sneakers have quickly become my go-to weekend shoe choice. But really, grabbing my Sperry Crest Vibe sneakers is always a great option no matter what I’m wearing!

With the unofficial start of summer, and me having zero chill, I’ve already worn my sneakers more times than I care to share. This weekend I have a wedding, and if I could get away with it, I would totally wear them instead.

Are you judging me or would you wear these sneakers everywhere too?



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Sperry My Way

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

I am beyond excited to share some news with you all! I’ve partnered with Sperry to show you how I style their shoes, and do prep, my way.

I got my first pair of Sperry boat shoes a pretty long time ago. I wore them often. Usually with khakis. I didn’t even like khaki’s all that much, but I loved those shoes. And that’s kind of how I just thought you had to wear them. It never really occured to me that how others might expect you to wear something, or how you think other might expect you to wear something, can simply be tossed out the window.

With that belief of what prep was in the past where it belongs, I have learned to embrace it. Now, I am not saying that I am preppy. My personal style is far to casual for that. What I’m saying is that I can appreciate good quality products, like these Authentic Original Sperry Boat Shoes, and wear them in a way that looks put together, without compromising what I like.

Even though I like a more easy-going look, I still want to feel cute. A basic dress, made more me with a denim jacket, and my Sperry boat shoes. This outfit took me from work to an evening stroll.

Now that you know that you can do preppy your way, how would you style boat shoes?


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New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

NYFW The ShowsNew York StyleBand Tee OutfitJ.Crew Coat LookNYFW Fall 2018

Band Tee: Daydreamer | Skirt: Vintage via Vintanthromodern | Boots: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Free People | Jacket: J.Crew (sold out) | Sungalsses: Celine | Necklace: Kate Spade

New York Fashion Week is something that I have always wanted to experience. I don’t know what exactly had stopped me in the past, but I made the commitment to myself to attend. So I did.

While I am very glad that I went, I wish I had done things a little differently. And come September, I plan to. While there things I’d do over if I could, one thing I would not was deciding to wear a band tee. I dressed it up with high heeled booties and layered it with a J.Crew coat, but made sure to stay true to my style.

Here’s a few things that I plan to change up:

  1. Plan ahead. Being in New York for Fashion Week is one thing. Next time I want to immerse myself. Attend presentations, shows, really be a part of it.
  2. Stay a while. One day put a lot of pressure on getting things right, and essentially caused me to fail. Having a hotel or somewhere nearby to stay will take away some of that pressure. I would have the option to change clothes, or even rest for a bit, if needed.
  3. Bring friends. Traveling alone can be great. Most of the time, I actually prefer it. However, NYFW is something that would be way more fun of an experience when shared.

I will also say, that this was probably the first and last time I will attend in February. A cold and wet Bet is a very unhappy, all but crying in the back of a taxi Bet. Have you ever been to NYFW? Are you planning to go? I want to know, so share in the comments here or on Instagram!


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Photos by: Kaye McCoy


7 Places to Find Band Tees

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

I got really excited about the Shopbop sale, and absolutely had to share my picks with you all. The one thing I had to have (even though I got a few things…) was the Madeworn Kiss tee. It was a bit on the pricier side, so I wanted to share a few options of places you can find band tees that won’t break the bank. Everything linked here is under $200, but I made sure to try and keep most of them under $50.

  1. Forever 21 – I try to avoid fast fashion when I can. However, I also recognize that most people don’t want to spend more than $50 on a t-shirt. Forever 21 has a pretty vast selection. For a slightly more ethical option, check out Primark, if there’s one near you.
  2. Target – You’re there anyways, and $15-$20 on a band tee isn’t as bad as what you know you’re going to spend on the other stuff in your cart.
  3. Wal-Mart – People sleep on Wal-Mart, but I kid you not it has everything. Including affordable band t-shirts.
  4. H&M – Another under $20 source. Make sure to check the men’s section, though! I’ve found some great tees on sale here, for as little as $7 online!
  5. Revolve – Even though the brand has left a funny taste in my mouth, they are known to be where most bloggers get their band tees. But don’t expect to find much under $50.
  6. Free People – Aside from J.Crew and Madewell, Free People is where I spend most of my money. Again, you’ll spend a little bit more here.
  7. Shopbop – Much like Revolve and Free People  their options are up there, but they have a pretty good range price-wise. If you, like me, find a more expensive one that you like, do yourself a favor and old out for a sale!

In addition to the seven, and my little Primark shoutout, you can also check out thrift store and flea markets. Both of which I highly recommend.

My Shopbop Sale Picks | Under $200

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

I was going to try really really hard not to shop this month, but then the Shopbop sale happened.

There is just so much that I want, you guys!

Since majority of you voted on my Instagram Stories poll that you wanted me to share my Shopbop picks, I wanted to share a few of the things I currently have my eye on. Most of which, are under $100, but everything is under $200!


  1. There’s not really all that much rhyme or reason behind the things I want. For the most part, I like them, so I want them. I will say that the striped top is by Anine Bing, who spoke at Create & Cultivate, but I recently had to part ways with my well worn, black and white striped shirt and this one is the best potential replacement I’ve found by far!
  2. In the summer I typically alternate between Soludos and sneakers. The fact the there are Soludos sneakers is kind of a no brainer.
  3. I may be a little late with the whole ruffle sweater trend, but this one is cute and not too over the top. And it’s under $50.
  4.  Skirts aren’t something I wear very often, but this one is fashionable and fun. I dig it.
  5. The LAST thing I need is another pair of jeans. And yet, here we are…
  6. I have a few pairs of red heels, but none like this. Coming in at just slightly over $100, these are H-O-T. I WANT!
  7.  So, $150 is a bit much for a band tee, but this one speaks to me. Plus, it’s not your standard black or white (or dark gray, or off-white) band t-shirt, so there’s also that.
  8. Sundry is a new to me brand, that I discovered at a boutique in LA. I love the hoodie I picked up and the fact that Shopbop carries the matching leggings means that they just might have to happen.

Let me know if you’re interested in finding out what I end up getting from the sale!

Valentine’s Day Wish List Under $50

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

I’m not going to lie to you. Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly my favorite holiday. And since I’m being honest, I mostly do Valentine’s Day wish list posts to hint to the manfriend what to get me.

This year I’m trying to be good. So my wish list is all under $50. And it only includes a few items, so he really can’t mess this up…

  1. If you don’t know by now that I have a strange affection for graphic tees, then you really don’t know me. I have a few brands that I love over others and J.Crew is one of them. This one is V-Day themed but also meaningful enough to wear beyond February 14th.
  2. Last year I included a ring I’d really been wanting on my Valentine’s Day wish list. And I got it! So really, I am trying to go two for two here. This Sweet Nothing one is just as dainty as the Threadbare ones I wear every day currently.
  3. In addition to graphic tees, I have this thing for socks. I own way too many printed ones. What’s one more pair? These are a little more chic and sophisticated and who couldn’t use that in their life?
  4. Of the things I’ve shared this one is the one I want most. I’m horrible at journaling, but I want to be better. Would love to give this five minute one a try!

Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day this year?