Marc Jacobs Beauty Illuminator

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Marc Jacobs Beauty

For a third time, Marc Jacobs Beauty has graced my vanity with it’s presence.

This time in the form of an illuminator.

And free.

From Influenster.

Even though I won’t be sharing a photo of the product on me, or any swatches quite just yet. I have worn it. What I like most about it is how smoothly it blends into my skin.

Seriously smooth.

Like butter.

I wrote a review on the Sephora website, where I mention wanting them to come out with a warmer shade. That’s more of a preference thing, but if they do, I’ll be AWESOME!

Also, I’m starting to think that I just may have to try that full face highlighter makeup challenge. Thoughts?



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My June 2016 Play! By Sephora Box

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

June 2016 Play! by Sephora

Even though I am still crazy about Birchbox, I thought it was time to give another beauty subscription box a try. Due to my love affair with Sephora, Play! by Sephora seemed like the only valid option. Plus, I had just got the email to claim my spot after being waitlisted.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara | $24
Tocca Florence | $68
BECCA Backlight Priming Filter | $38
bareMinerals bareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer | $28
Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It | $31
tarte Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | $32

I’ve used They’re Real! mascara well over a dozen times. It may be the unpopular opinion, but it’s not my favorite. But, I also don’t hate it. I like it for when I’m just going to run out real quick for a bit. Buying a full size version isn’t in my plans, but the sample size is just the right amount.

Tocca makes some of the best fragrances. I would wear this for an anniversary or a summer wedding, but it’s a little heavier than what I’m used to.

After sharing my top three highlighters, I admitted that there were still some brands that I wanted to try. One such brand being BECCA. While this is a primer and not an illuminator per se, I am still pumped (pun very much so intended, because the sample is in a container that you pump) to try something by them. And a little dab after apply your foundation, helps creates a dewey look.

Very similarly, I’m happy to try another bronzer. I haven’t shared about my favorite bronzers yet, because finding bronzers that compliment darker skin tones isn’t as easy as one would think. I really like how this bareMineral serum bronzer blends in.

Perfect for the days when I don’t want to heat style my hair, which has been a lot lately. I haven’t tried using Don’t Blow It after washing my hair yet, but as a general hair styling product it’s not bad!

Never have I ever wanted to try a sunscreen as badly as Tarteguard. Aside from the social posts promoting it, I couldn’t even tell you why.

I don’t think Sephora’s is that much better than Birchbox’s, but it did have six samples instead of five and two products that I don’t think I’d ever have found waiting for me inside my Birchbox.

There’s no need to write off Birchbox just yet, but I’m not sure that if I had to pick one, that I could wholeheartedly say that I wouldn’t go with Sephora.

Have you tried both boxes? Which would you choose?



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Topshop Off-the-Shoulder Top

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Topshop Off-the-Shoulder TopTopshop at Nordstrom Top Off-the-Shoulder Top with Jeans and FlatsPink Summer Top Off-the-Shoulder Trend

Part of being into style, means giving fashion trends that you’re not all that entirely sure you’re into a try.

Off-the shoulder anything, was something I thought looked cute on other people. But I wasn’t convinced that I’d be able to pull it off.

It wasn’t until I saw this Topshop top online, after searching for a specific off-the-shoulder top at Zara, that I decided to commit to at least trying one on.

Now, I know you can easily buy things on the fabulous world wide web, but until you can virtually try them on, I will continue to go to the store. In this case I’m glad I did, because Nordstrom only had one top left. Even though it wasn’t in my size (I’m normally a size 0, sometimes a 2).

Topshop tends to run small so the size 6 ended up being perfect. Which I would not have known for sure, if I didn’t physically put it on in a fitting room.

Is there a summer trend that you’re totally loving, but hesitant to wear? I say, give it a go!



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Photos by Miranda Mu.

Red Fringe Skirt + A Blog Update

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Red Fringe Skirt Outfit Band T-Shirt with a SkirtGuns N' Roses Brandy Melville TeeCoachella Worthy OutfitDressed Up Graphic Tee

This outfit gives me all the happy feels. My favorite heels, that I don’t wear often. A classic band t-shirt. And a Coachella worthy red fringe skirt that I happened to find on clearance (it also happens to still be on sale).

OK, so, blog update time…

For what feels like way too long, I’ve been wanting to shift my focus a little more back towards style. It sounds easy enough, but when your photographer is your boyfriend who works 8-5 with an hour commute, it’s not.

Investing in a professional photographer is a financial commitment. I want others to take my blog as seriously as I do, so I decided to find someone worth investing in.

The happiness that I feel with the newfound potential of Twenty Something Plus after shooting with Miranda Mu, is indescribable in the best possible way!

I still plan to cover some beauty, as it is a part of my life. But, how do you feel about Twenty Something Plus being more of a life and style blog (emphasis on the style), instead of a general lifestyle blog? Share your thoughts in the comments, so I can take them into consideration!

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Styled by 5 Featuring Goldie’s

Each month myself and four other boss blogger babes have been styling the same piece of clothing and since we all look and think differently from each other (hair, religion, location, skin, size, height, style…all of the above), you’ll get five totally different looks. That means you’ll get to see what I style, on other body types so you can find something that is best for you!

Styled by 5 Goldie's Whimsical Floral DressWhite and Blue Dress with Red ShoesPom Pom Trim Detail Blue Michael Kors Bag

On a hot summer day it’s nice to have a dress that’s airy. This Whimsical Floral Dress from Goldie’s that Deidre, Kaylynn, JacqueLauryn and I styled this month is so great for days when it’s so hot that you just can’t even.

Maybe because it’s July. Maybe because I didn’t already have an outfit with patriotic colors picked out to watch the fireworks on Independence Day. I don’t know. But, for some reason I feel the strong need to go red, white and blue.

This isn’t your standard holiday dress by any means. Yet, when paired with red heels, it works.

I initially wasn’t going to wear a belt. It felt like it was missing something to balance out the pop of the shoes. The belt helped to even out the look a little up top.

Don’t forget to check out how the other ladies are keeping it cool for the summer in this dress!


Hot Iron Holster

Hot Iron HolsterHolster Brands

I have a question for you.

Where do you put your hair straightener or curling iron, while you’re doing your hair?

Embarrassingly enough, in the past I’ve used everything from a towel to a plate. Yes, the kind you eat off of…

I have to admit that for the longest time, I’d wished for something that I could use that was not only heat resistant, but wasn’t intended for something else.

When I learned about the Hot Iron Holster, to say I wanted to test it out would be a major understatement. It is exactly what I’d been wishing for, and then some!

My vanity feels a little more complete. I can fit my Hot Iron Holster right over the edge. And I’ve been storing my straightener inside the holster when it’s not in use. What I really like about it is that it’s safe to use even with a hot flat iron.

Since my vanity is really just a table, I don’t have drawers. So, the Hot Iron Holster has really been a big help storage wise as well. I’ve been needing a new hair dryer, and when I finally get one, I’m thinking I may need to get another holster…


My Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials

Camping probably isn’t the first (or even last) activity you picture, when you think of me.

That’s totally fair.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I actually do enjoy the great outdoors. But, I haven’t found the idea of sleeping outside, even in a tent, appealing since college. So, when I say camping, picture a super cute cabin in the woods.

You may have noticed, if you follow me on Instagram, that I disconnect and go completely off the grid for about a week every summer. It’s to go to said cabin.

My week away consists of sleeping in (or at least trying to), playing boards, and a lot of reading. Since I’m supposed to be relaxing and resting, I didn’t bring any makeup.

I did, however, pack some major camping essentials:

  1. Products that are multipurpose, like a body wash that is also a facial cleanser and a face lotion that contains SPF.
  2. My two current favorite hair products, plus sample sized shampoo and conditioner.
  3. There’s also the products I’ve been using to combat the heat and dry air. Lip balm, body serum, Clear Eyes Pure Relief eye drops, and deodorant.

Nothing all that much or too fancy, but just enough to have the (skincare) comforts of home! What are the things you need to pack when you go camping?


Styled by 5 Featuring Love Winnie James

Each month myself and four other boss blogger babes have been styling the same piece of clothing and since we all look and think differently from each other (hair, religion, location, skin, size, height, style…all of the above), you’ll get five totally different looks. That means you’ll get to see what I style, on other body types so you can find something that is best for you!

Winne JamesStyled by 5 featuring Love Winnie James Styled by 5 Marina Shirt Love Winnie James Marina Shirt Overalls Outfit

I want to say that I don’t like to play favorites. But we all know that’s not exactly true. I absolutely adore versatile pieces more than basically anything. This Love Winnie James Marina top really takes the cake.

Lightweight, but modest. I like that it can be layered if it’s cold or rocked solo if it’s hot. It’s not denim, although it kind of looks it. So I couldn’t stop myself from trying to go for a denim on “denim” look. I’m almost always cold, so even if the temperatures are way up, I’m not opposed to wearing jeans. Or, in this case, overalls.

There is zero doubt in my mind that this will be my absolute favorite shirt this summer!

Even though I chose to keep it simple for this look, there are so many more outfits that I have in store for how to wear this top. Deidre, Kaylynn, Jacque, and Lauryn really nailed their looks as well make sure to check out their blogs to see just how well! And use the code STYLEDBYFIVE to save 15% off your Love Winnie James purchase!




Photos taken at The Verb Hotel by Gabby Mbeki of First & Warren.


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My Poolside Essentials

Poolside Essentials

Even though I still have yet to find my way to the beach, I have managed to hangout poolside. And while I’m not all that big on swimming, I could soak up the sun all day long.

With SPF, of course.

Plus a few other things…

I don’t really have a ton of poolside essentials. I am more than content with just a few necessities.

Thanks to this thing called melanin that I was blessed with, the sun doesn’t bother me all that much, but I’ve heard horror stories involving boils and second degree burns on darker women of color. I would much rather be safe than sorry, so sunblock is a MUST.

You know that feeling when you walk inside, after having been in the bright sun, and you can’t see anything because your eyes need to adjust? I hate that. So, I try to minimize it by wearing sunglasses or putting a hat over my face.

Staying hydrated is crucial. I drink more water than I normally would. I also make sure to pack my travel size evian Facial Spray in my beach bag. It’s great for the pool because it also removes harsh chemicals, like chlorine, that can do some serious damage to you face.

And, just in case I end up looking for something to do other than Instagram or listen to music, I will almost always carry a magazine or book to read.

What are your summer must haves?




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My Mermaid Life

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links.

My Mermaid Life Old Navy Swim Scalloped Bikini

In another life, I swear I was a mermaid.

When I was asked, what my favorite Disney movie growing up was, without missing a beat I would reply, Cinderella. (Our family dog was even named Bruno, just like Cinderella’s. I’d had to convince my little brother that it was cool because of Bruno the Kid.)

That is until it came up in front of my older sister. She cut me off and was basically like, no. Apparently, I made her watch The Little Mermaid over and over again. While singing the songs. And putting a red t-shirt on my head, pretending it was hair.

I remember having a stuffed Flounder, but I didn’t think it was that serious.

But, it makes sense.

When I saw a red scalloped bikini, I wanted it. Bad. But wasn’t willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a bathing suit! Even if it was killer.

Thankfully, I was told that Old Navy had a similar one, just in time to buy it while it was on sale for 40% off. And with their Super Cash promotion I was able to get an additional $10 off. I ended up spending less than $20 for the top and bottom!




Photos taken at The Verb Hotel by Gabby Mbeki of First & Warren.


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